Amethyst (Jamunia) Gemstone Ring, Shani Rashi Ring

Amethyst-Jamunia Gemstone - Shani Gemstone
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Precious gemstone Amethyst associated to planet Saturn, Amethyst is a precious stone and recommended to remove the ill effects of Planet Saturn (Shani). Amethyst has the divine power to give mental peace, wealth & happiness by removing all hurdles of the native's life.

Precious stone Amethyst also known as Jamunia. It is recommended to wear if native face any problem due to ill effects of Saturn (Shani) Planet also can weare it insted of Blue Sapphier.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

Planet : Saturn
Cosmic Color : Deep purple
Sign : Capricorn
Element : Air
Time : Sunset
Day : Saturday

Signs of well-placed Gemstone
  • Long life
  • Govern leadership and perfection, highest human qualities
  • Wisdom, integrity, discipline, spiritual achievement trough humility, patience, dedication and non-attachment.

The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases :
  • Paralysis, asthma, rheumatisms, teeth problems, bones problems.

  • Transparence
  • Brilliance, exhibiting a star-like effect from inside when viewed in reflected light, emitting rays of light from inside
  • High specific gravity
  • Solid and compact body
  • Color similar to that of the neck of a peacock, or a velvety corn-flower-blue
  • Uniformity in color
  • Smoothness
  • Good cut and nice shape